Saturday, November 16, 2013

When Angels Fall at Amazon

Due to the fact that Amazon doesn’t do pre-orders, When Angels Fall will only be available there on the release date – November 26th. It will, however, also be available on that date at in Kindle format, so there is that alternative for Kindle users. I do prefer to sell via, and it might be a choice you would want to consider because, although I’ve done my best to keep Amazon in line, they keep jacking up the book prices, so you may very well find them cheaper at

I object fiercely to Amazon's price gouging, and they keep the extra profit as well as paying a much smaller percentage to the author. I have to keep going there and doing a price check – where people can show that the books are available cheaper elsewhere – so they reduce the prices, but if they jack up the price of When Angels Fall as soon as I publish it, I won’t have had time to force them to reduce it. So, if you’re a Kindle user, there is a choice, and I highly recommend Books are available there in every known format, as far as I’m aware, and it’s the place to discover new talent.

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