Thursday, April 3, 2014

Apple's iBooks Store Does It Again!

I’m delighted to announce that four of my free series-starter books, The Queen's Blade, Children of Another God – The Broken World, Demon Lord, and Queen of Arlin – The Cyber Chronicles, are featured on the 'First in a Series: Free' feature that the Australian/New Zealand iBooks Store launched this morning. I love Apple! The iBooks Store is constantly coming up with new ways to promote indie authors. It’s such a rush for a relatively unknown indie author like me to see my books touted at a huge worldwide retailer like Apple.

It’s the type of publicity all new, unknown and up and coming authors need to gain a foothold in this tough and competitive market, and I encourage new authors to choose Apple as one of their targeted retailers. It’s the best decision you'll make when it comes to marketing your books! Apple gives credit where it’s due, and for readers, that means it’s one of the best places to find exciting books by new and original authors who break the mould with their writing and therefore don’t fit into a niche mainstream publishers are prepared to publish. Here's the link, if you want to check it out:

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