Sunday, August 10, 2014

Your Soul Trapped on the Internet

According to a recent Gizmodo article, some scientists believe that, when the human body dies or is dying, we will be capable of saving the mind on the internet. According to these experts, this could be possible within the next thirty years.

The technicalities aside, would this truly be you, your soul, or just a copy of what was once you? If the latter, I can see the temptation to save brilliant minds that have the capability to further the human race. Just imagine where we would be today if Tesla was still alive! However, as far as immortality goes, I doubt one’s ethereal soul could be contained within the internet. Even if it was possible, would you really want to be trapped in the internet – until the end of time as we know it?

Never mind that, what guarantees do we have that the consciousnesses held within the internet won’t develop a will of their own, create chaos and be humanity’s undoing? None whatsoever.

Would this be true immortality and would we want to be immortal when we have lost the ability to feel the wind in our hair and the sun warming our faces? As with most things, I believe natural is better. While immortality is enticing, I would prefer to remain in my natural body. What about you? Would you jump at the chance for digital immortality, or take your chances with The Beyond?

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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  1. Yes I would download everything that is me to the internet, and no it’s not that I am afraid of dying everything ends and like Peter Pan said dying is the greatest adventure so someday I want to die. But before that I want to be around for everything, every victory, every defeat, every life, every death and every single book to ever be written. I want to read every book and see any type of film or TV show that ever reaches the internet. I want to be around to the very end, but most of all I just want to see what happens next.