Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Apple's iBookstore: Breakout Books features The Queen’s Blade and Slave Empire

I have just received the most fabulous news and have to share it with everyone. The Queen’s Blade and Slave Empire – Prophecy, have been selected for Apple’s iBookstore promotion, Breakout Books, a major feature that has just been launched in the US that highlights several dozen titles.

They're both free!
I’m over the moon about this! I’m also gobsmacked! Thank you to Mark Coker and Apple, and, of course, all my fans who wrote great reviews and made positive comments about the books; it’s all thanks to you, and I love you so much for it! Thank you!

This is now going way beyond my wildest hopes and dreams; it’s actually hard to take it all in. I keep pinching myself so much I’m getting bruises! Yet, I can’t seem to wake up from this happy dream, and I certainly don’t want to. The emails I’ve received, about The Queen’s Blade, in particular, have been overwhelming, and I love them all.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to tell me how much they enjoyed the books. I love hearing that! It’s so encouraging, and it makes me want to write more books, which I intend to do soon!  So for all of you who are waiting for new books, one will be in the works in the not to distant future!


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