Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Free Book Binge Week

What could be better for all of us than a free book bonanza week? Readers get more fantasy and sci-fi books to read and authors find more people who enjoy their books. It’s a win-win for everyone! No one’s going to stop reading his or her favourite author’s books just because they find a great new author, and no author can write books fast enough to keep up with the demand! Therefore, I propose a Free Book Binge Week where everyone can binge on science fiction and fantasy freebies.
So, fellow sci-fi or fantasy authors, I’m looking for seven volunteers to host the Free Book Binge Week, and 490 free books. Each host commits to sharing 10 books on his/her blog each day of the week from Monday 2 September to Sunday 8 September.

If you’d like to be a part of this and be a host for the week, please contact me on scififantasy_author@yahoo.co.za and I’ll send you the books to add to your blog for each day. First come, first serve. As a host, you may also have your free books showcased, of course!
If you’d like your permanently free science fiction or fantasy book showcased, please email me the following:

* A thumbnail of your book cover – with a height of 300 pixels
* A one-paragraph book blurb

* Your preferred download link (just one, please)
First come, first serve, so don’t delay if you’d like a free showcase! For all of you looking for great new books to read, and who are keen to discover fabulous new authors, watch this space!


  1. Great idea, and we look forward to participating!

    1. Thanks! I hope lots of authors join in. The more the merrier!