Thursday, August 1, 2013

Virtual Book Tour

I’m excited to announce the kick-off of my virtual book tour today! While all of you who are members of this blog have probably read all my books, I hope you’ll still enjoy the articles and interviews. For anyone who hasn’t read all the books, there are numerous discounts and freebies to introduce you further to the series and whet your appetite for more.
Those hosting my tour today are author Glynis Smy and publishing services company Fireblade Publishers.

Tour followers can enjoy an author interview on Glynis’ blog, and an author showcase on the Fireblade blog in which you can learn a few things about me that you didn’t know.
You can also expect the following freebies and discounts, starting today:

1 August
Demon Lord II, Dark God, for only 99c for 5 days, 1 – 5 August
Promotional price: $0.99
Coupon Code: XX57H

6 August
The Queen’s Blade II, Sacrifice, free on a 3-day promotion, 6 – 8 August

9 August
A 15% discount on The Cyber Chronicles II, Death Zone for 3 days, 9 – 11 August

10 August
A 40% discount on The Queen’s Blade II, Sacrifice for 3 days, 10 – 12 August

13 August
A 15% discount on Demon Lord II, Dark God for 2 days, 13 – 14 August

As a bonus, the person who purchases the most of my books for the duration of the tour receives the gift of Books 2 and 3 in The Slave Empire series (to see if you qualify, you should, on the first day after the tour, email all your proof of purchases to
So come along and join us on the tour, read the articles and interviews and grab the discounts and freebies while you can! It will be fun for everyone!

To make sure you don’t miss a tour post, download the TC Southwell Virtual Book Tour Itinerary

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