Thursday, October 2, 2014

Animals… My Favourite Cause

As you may have gleaned from previous blog posts, I’m dead against animal cruelty. Some of my best friends had fur or feathers. They were loyal, loving and helpful, and, in many ways, better than a lot of humans I’ve met. So why is it that so many humans feel nothing for these innocent creatures? They’re marvels of evolution, unique to this planet, and they have feelings too. They communicate with us in so many wordless ways, and dogs help the physically challenged, rescue people from disasters and protect their human families. Cats provide companionship and love to lonely people whose own kind neglects them. Without horses, mankind would have had to haul all its own baggage, which would definitely have slowed exploration and civilisation. These generous beasts allow us to do the most inhumane things to them, and still try to do their best to please us.

Every day, animals are tortured in slaughterhouses and aboard transportation trucks, at sporting events and laboratories and on farms. They’re injected with chemicals, force-fed, shut in dark little enclosures where they can’t even lie down or turn around, starved, beaten, bled to death and have their babies taken away so we can drink their milk. They’re plucked or skinned alive so we can use their feathers and wear their skins… and we call ourselves the more evolved race.

Worst of all are animal testing labs, where puppies, kittens, monkeys and rabbits, to name just a few, are routinely injected with toxic chemicals, or have such substances dripped into their eyes or forced down their throats. All pointless exercises, since we already know these are poisons. It’s done for money, to support an industry that might have had a point a few decades ago, but now continues only on momentum. Farms breed countless puppies and kittens doomed to a short life of torture before being put to death. It’s horrific, and I have to wonder how the people who dish out this torture live with themselves. Clearly, they hate animals, for whatever reason.

I’d like to put an end to all this suffering, so please help me and sign the petitions on these links:

To learn more about these horrific practices, click this link:

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