Sunday, October 19, 2014

Healing Magic in Today’s World

Today I bring you a short guest post by fellow fantasy author, Vanessa Finaughty, as part of a month-long virtual book tour to celebrate the release of her new series, Wizard of Ends. Enjoy!

Healing Magic in Today’s World
Guest post by Vanessa Finaughty

Regardless of its nature, magic can and does have potent healing powers, and modern humans are becoming aware of this and following in our ancestors’ footsteps, in a sense.

One example is that young people suffering from hemiplegia have been attending ‘magic camps’ in London, with startling results. Hemiplegia, a condition in which the trunk, arm and leg on the same side of the body becomes paralysed, can be treated by performing magic tricks that improve co-ordination and hand movement. The fact that the treatment is exciting magic rather than painful and/or boring medical treatment encourages the afflicted children to ‘take their medicine’ by continuous practice.

Thanks to these magic camps, many children are able to use their hands for the first time. Now, they cut their own food, dress themselves, tie their own shoelaces and even make their own costumes. It also gives a much-needed confidence boost and some sense of power over their lives, because, the more one practices, the more dexterous one becomes.

It goes to show that, just because something is unconventional, it doesn’t mean it won’t work – now there’s some food for thought!

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