Friday, May 17, 2013

Paperback Books Not On Amazon

I have removed all the paperback versions of The Queen’s Blade from Amazon, because it marked them up to exorbitant prices, and I don’t want readers being ripped off like that. Amazon also keeps the extra bucks, thereby making a killing out of every book it sells, even more than I make, because the prices I chose are barely more than cost. I have no wish to make people pay through the nose, but Amazon was doing it without my consent.

Therefore, the paperbacks are now only available at, at the prices I chose. It means I sell a lot less – hardly any – but I’d rather that than have people pay Amazon’s rip off prices. So far, I’ve only converted The Queen’s Blade into paperback format – it’s a lot of work – and Demon Lord, Book One, due to a special request for two autographed copies. Once I’ve finished the final edit of all the series, I’ll re-do The Queen’s Blade and then convert the rest of the series, even though I haven’t sold many copies. It’s mostly for me, so I can have hard copies for my bookshelf.

I’m sure most people will still prefer e-books, which are so much more convenient, and cheaper. Paperbacks have costs involved – paper, printing, ink, shipping, etc. – so they’re a lot more expensive to produce. The conversion is time-consuming, as is making the covers for them, and I’d rather spend my time writing new books. I will get around to making all the series in paperbacks, however, just as soon as I can.

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