Sunday, August 11, 2013

Virtual Book Tour – Day 11: Guest Post & Author Interview

Today’s tour host is the Indie Author Network, which will be sharing a guest post from me on how to deal with book pirates, along with an author interview, which I hope you’ll all enjoy.
There’s no foolproof way to deal with book pirates, but take heart – they can often be dealt with in a few easy steps.

The first step is obvious: find out if your books are being pirated and where. Setting up Google Alerts for your book titles can be helpful, but you should know that this won’t pick up all instances of your work being pirated, so it’s important to Google your titles manually too.
To read the rest of this post, please visit the Indie Author Network blog and, if you have any other advice on how to deal with book pirates, please share it via the blog’s comments.

Today is also the last day you can take advantage of the 15% discount on The Cyber Chronicles II, Death Zone.
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The 40% discount on The Queen’s Blade II, Sacrifice is still available until tomorrow, 12 August.
Promotional price: $2.39
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To make sure you don’t miss a tour post, download the TC Southwell Virtual Book Tour Itinerary.

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