Monday, March 3, 2014

Writing Updates

As many of you already know, I’m a channeller and therefore I can only write when I have a channel to follow. This also means that I can’t choose which series I’m going to write next. However, I know my fans are all waiting for the next book in their favourite series, so here’s a brief update on what’s potting writing-wise in my life right now…

I’ve written Demon Lord, Book 9, but I’m not happy with some of it, so have decided to leave it for a while and then, when it’s no longer so fresh in my mind, I’ll go back and cut out the boring bits and expand on the good parts.

I’ve written about 40, 000 words of Slave Empire, Book 4, but I started to struggle with it, which means I strayed from the channel, trying to make it fit the title, so I’ll go back to that in a while too, and try to find the channel for it again.

I started to write The Cyber Chronicles, Book 10, and got bored after a page, which means there’s no channel for that right now, although I’m still trying to find one.

At the moment, I’ve been side tracked from writing in order to re-edit previous books in preparation for publishing them as paperbacks, and creating images for use in my book trailers, which I hope you will enjoy. I intend to return to writing as soon as that’s all out of the way, at which time I’ll probably continue with Slave Empire. Nothing is a certainty, however, as I also have a strong channel for the Demon Lord series at the moment.

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